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An eye complication has become common in today’s world. People, are at more risk of eye disorders due to occupational and unhealthy lifestyle. Dorzolamide aids ease down the condition of glaucoma and high stress development within the eyes. The dosage of Dorzolamide reduces the inside pressure of the eyes occurs due to prolonged gazing over the computer, dim light reading, lack of fluid, etc.

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The solution works fabulously to treat glaucoma problem and to ease down the pain, itching, irritation of the eyes. It works like an anti-glaucoma eye drops, which cuts down the risk of ocular hypertension. Feeling excessive pressure inside the eyes may use this fabulous treating solution, to get rid of painful condition. An excessive pressure may damage the optic nerves, which enhances the risk of vision loss. Dorzolamide is an FDA sanctioned liquid drugs found with a least side-effects.

Facts about glaucoma or ocular hypertension

A person holding an insufficient fluid level, gazing on the computer for a longer period, reading books in dim light, suffering from diseases or long time illness found responsible for glaucoma issue. Carbonic andydrase holds the emission of the fluids function within the eyes, which gives stress to the eyes due to excessive water secretion. This actually reduces the water level and develops more pressure to the optic nerves. Dorzolamide obstructs the carbonic anhydrase by cutting down the emission of fluid and results low pressure within the eyes. This aids preventing the optic nerve damages and the risk of vision loss.

Dosage of Dorzolamide

Dosage of any drugs must be recommended by the doctor and patient must follow it according to the prescribed manner. Dorzolamide generic drops hold 20 mg Dorzolamide and 5 mg Timolol; the solution of both works staggeringly, to ease down the glaucoma problem. It’s prescribed to use one-two drops at a time and thrice in a day. The courses must run for at least 7 days, to get rid of ocular hypertension. Do not miss or overdose the drug, complete the courses properly, do not leave in between. It’s better to take the guidance from the doctor, if the dosage fails to work. Do take the gap of 4 hours for the next dosage. Pour the dosage in between the eyes, keep the bottle an inch away from the eyes. Keep the eyes closed for 3 minutes after pouring the drops, so that the solution may get dissolve properly. Do not double the dosage in case of missed dose; since, it may harm your eyes. Usage of any medicine in excessive manner is found fatal for the health.

Hygienic tips of using Dorzolamide

Using the solution in hygienic ways reduces the risk of side-effects. Do wash your eyes and hand properly before applying the liquid. Take out the contact lens before pouring the drops and place it again after sometime. Pouring the drops over the fixed lens found to be useless. Avoid making a finger contact with the eyes; since, the solution gets tainted, which in turn enhances the risk of infections. Use cotton balls to wipe out the spread solution. Avoid touching it with the fingers or cloth. Wash your hands after appliance and place the bottle tightly close.

Precautionary step of using Dorzolamide

Dorzolamide is prescribed as a liquid form of drugs for the eyes; hence, one must not take it orally. A woman, who is pregnant or in lactating stage must seek the help of the doctor before using this eye drops; since, it might harm the baby. If, you are allergic to this eye drops, then stop using it and take proper guidance from the doctor. Once the bottle is unlocked try to finish it within a month; avoid using the opened bottle after a month; since, it might become affect less and could lead to some negative effect. If, in case you are using two eye drops together, then ask the doctor about its usage and gap timing; since, you can’t use two drugs solution together at a time. You need to keep some time distance between both the liquid. Reveal the fact to the doctor; if, you are suffering from some severe disease or going through a long time medication treatment. This is just for the precautionary measure, to get prevented from future deed. People, suffering from liver, kidney, high blood pressure, bronchitis, rapid heartbeats, etc. must seek the help of the doctor for the Dorzolamide usage; since, sometimes it might found harmful for some condition. One needs to open his/her whole history to the doctor before using the solution. People, who hold an asthma problem, must not fail to take the permission of the doctor. In few cases, seen cosopt generic drug effecting kidney and heart function; hence, one must avoid having a merger of Dorzolamide and carbonic anhydrte inhibitor known as acetazolamide and methazolamide. Dorzolamide is found a combination of two effective components called dorzolamide and sulphonamide, which works efficiently to treat the glaucoma issue by reducing fluid emission.

The Negative effect of using Dorzolamide

It’s not sure to get side-effects; but once happened, it varies according to the individual body. Not everyone is like to taste side-effect, but the one who takes an excessive dosage or amalgamate with any other dosage might get the risk of side-effects. Itchy, burning, inflamed, reddish, and watery eyes; blurry vision, sensitivity to the light, etc. are found some usual complication. Nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeats, swelling of the eyes, lips, face, throat, etc. leads to some severe complication, which requires an urgent assistance of the doctor.

Safety storage of the solution

Place the drugs in safe and secure area. Refrigerator found a best place to store the liquid eye drops, but it should not get frozen. Further, keep the solution away from children, moisturizing and heat (sunlight) area. Keep watching the expiry date; once the solution gets outdated dispose it at safest place. Do not keep it at home.

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