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Privacy Policy of Assertmeds.com

Assertmeds.com pharmacy is among the leading pharmacy extending in online trading of drugs, plus it is extremely secure and inviolable website to shop at. Customers can without any indisposition provide their personal information to us. Privacy policy is determined only for escorting customer personal info regarding their concerns. It will explain all in detailed, onwards.

Personal Information is Secure
Information asked during placement is purely for professional grounds, Information alike your email address, resident address, telephone number, etc is just asked for the shipping purpose purely. So do not pause to provide so. Since the info provided by you is strictly prohibited and escorted with us under certain criteria.

Customer can amend their given information any time
Each solitary customer has distinguished account with us. Indeed, you can amend your given information at any time if you want so, by simply login in.

No Spam {Junk e-mail} policy
Assertmeds.com never send out any spam messages to our customer, if you encountered any so, then right away contact our customer care service and we will take the further charge of the matter itself.

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