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Moxifloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic is a soluble eye drops prescribed to treat bacterial infections. It works like an antibiotic way to ease down the complication of the eyes. Bacterial infections turn the eyes in red or pink color, which causes itchy, inflamed and sensitive eyes. Moxifloxacin hydrochloride is an FDA sanctioned drugs prescribed only to treat conjunctivitis of the eyes. It is also known by the name called Vigamox generic eye drops, where vigamox found a solution formulation.

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Bacterial infection actually comprises an outside layer of the eye balls and inside part of the eye lids. Moxifloxacin works fabulously to kill the bacteria and reduce its expansion and redevelopment. This solution comes in the category of anti-biotic known as fluoroquinolones. This solution wipes out the infectious bacteria from the eyes and gives relief from itchy, inflamed and painful eyes.

Some dosage recommendation of Moxifloxacin

Moxifloxacin is a liquid form of eye drops used thrice in a day with two drops at a time. One must seek the help of the doctor for an appropriate dosage. Follow the recommendation according to the prescribed manner, to get the complication cure soon. Normally, the dosage course runs for 7 days, but in case of its late result consult the doctor for dosage increment. Don’t be your own boss in this manner. One can get some of the guidance from the fixed label over the bottle, but that’s found to be insufficient; hence, doctors guidance is must to decide a proper dosage intake. This eye drops can be used by any age groups, but in case of children, doctors’ suggestion is must; since, the dosage intake gets fluctuate.

Some appliance tips of the dosage

Wash your hand and eyes properly before applying the eye drops, so that the stains may get wipe out. Avoid making finger contact with the eyes because the solution gets contaminated. Pour the drops from a distance, so that the point of the drops cannot touch the eye balls. After, pouring the drops keep the eyes close for 3-4 minutes, so that the solution may get dissolve properly and could spread towards the affected area. Avoid doing any machinery or computer work immediately after applying this solution, try to get some relax and then start doing the work. Use tissue paper to clean the spread solution.
Avoid blinking the eyes excessively. Avoid touching the bottle with dirty fingers; try fitting the tap of the solution properly after appliance. Do not drop the course in between; try completing the course without any missed or overdose condition. Moxifloxacin is found a great effective solution, which works efficiently to cure the eye complication with a rare side-effect. The liquid is available in various ml and in reasonable price. One can get it easily available in the market. It is found an effective liquid; thus, it’s over dosage is restricted unless the doctor recommends.

Precautionary steps of using Moxifloxacin eye drops

Taking precaution is one of the essential steps that should be followed by every user. Precaution aids cut down the risk of various side-effects. This solution is restricted for the lactating and pregnant women; unless the doctor permit a woman cannot use this solution. One must avoid using overdose; since, it enhances the risk of enormous side-effects. Do take out the placed lens from the eyes while pouring the drops and place it again after sometimes. Pouring drops over the fixed lens would be useless. A person must disclose the doctor, if in-case using prolong medication process.
A person, who had gone through eye surgery, must take the suggestion of the doctor before using vigamox generic drop. Person, who is already using an eye ointment, must take some gap between the dosage and do speak about this to the doctor; since, sometime using two different drugs together leads, to some side-effects. Wearing goggle is found a best precautionary method for the eyes. Do hold this habit while driving or traveling; since, the dust particles enhance the risk of eye sight damages. People, who drive most, are more likely to get eye infections. Avoid wearing contact lens just to increase the beauty of the eyes; since, it is found that wearing lens for unnecessary purpose causes enormous eye complication.
Note: – do keep noticing the expiry date of the eye drops, just to avoid using an outdated solution.

Diet to be maintained for good eyes

It has been stated that people who consume vitamin A and C rich foods face less risk of eye disorders. It is found one of the essential components to promote healthy and good vision eyes. Try consuming as much water as you can; since, it keeps the eyes hydrated, which reduces the risk of stains accumulation that indirectly leads to eye infections.

Side-effects of using Moxifloxacin eye drops

Well, there are not such severe side-effects of using this eye drops, but people taking overdose might taste the risk of side-effects. Red, itchy, watery, painful and inflamed eyes; runny nose, cough formation, blurred vision, etc. seems to be some normal side-effects of using this eye drops. Whereas, sore throat, fever, itchy skin, ear pain with puss formation; swelling of face, lips, tongue, etc. found to be some severe side-effects, which requires an immediate help of the doctor.

Safest Storage of the eye drops

One must store the liquid solution at safest place; a refrigerator found to be a best place, but one must not let the solution get freeze. Keep the solution away from sun rays and small kids.

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