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Silagra is a prescribed drug approved to mend erectile dysfunction, in men. It is FDA approved works efficiently to serene the penis erection issue, while performing sexual intercourse or while getting sexually stimulated. Silagra is believed as preeminent medication to deal with impotence complication. The medicine holds the components called sildenafil citrate, which works marvelously, to ease down the issue of erectile dysfunction.

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People, facing an impotence complication need not to worry; since, the solution called silagra is recognized to get rid of it. The drug is found available in solid form with economical price consumed by the help of water. Silagra is prescribed as anti-barrier drugs, to solve the issue of men’s sexual life. Men, who face penis erection, must use this pills; a normal person should not dare to use it. Silagra comes in the category of PDE5 inhibitor were man found pleasure to use it; since, it helps get rid of sexual obstacles. It is alleged to be one of the stupendous ED calming pills, which facilitates the flow of blood towards the penis making the muscles calm and widening the nerves, to improve the blood circulation.

About impotence complication in men

An ED is a penis erection issue arouses due to sexual stimulation or while performing sexual intercourse; since, the flow of blood towards the penis gets restricted, which makes the penis hard and inflexible to perform. This complication is called impotence, which attacks commonly a middle or over age people.

Dosage recommendation of silagra

The doctor found to be the best adviser for the dosage intake. One must take the dosage according to the prescribed manner. It has to be taken one hour before; since, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get into response and lasts for some hours. Silagra is found available in various mgs in which 50mg is found an initial dose, but might get fluctuate according to the health condition. It should be consumed by the impotence sufferer not by a normal person. It is believed that following the doctor’s recommendation helps get the condition mend, soon. One needs to disclose their whole health history to the doctor before consuming the silagra pills. These pills hold very limited and minor side-effects. The solution gets dissolved in the blood easily and starts working to soothe down the penis erection. One pill in one day is prescribed to take; one must not go beyond that; since, it might be harmful for the health. The dosage of silagra may vary according to the age or health condition. It eases down the complication and acts like an anti-impotence, which aids men to enjoy their sexual life without any barrier of side-effects.

Advantages of silagra intake

Silagra works great to calm an impotence problem in men with a rare and minor side-effect. Most of the men have found Silagra a best ED mending pill; since, it aids men enjoy their sexual relationship with the loved one. It just takes 30 to 40 minutes to tranquil the condition of penis erection results easing in impotence issue. It is available in the market with the cheap price that anyone can afford to purchase it. Impotence becomes quite common in now-a-day’s world, but one need not to worry about; since, the silagra is found a best solution for it. Just a one pill of silagra and see the effect. Be the first to use silagra tablets to cut down the barrier of sexual intercourse. Most of the men believe on silagra and its effect; so, try it once and see.

Precautionary steps to be followed

One must hold this habit; since, it helps ease down the difficulties soon and cut down the barrier without any adverse effect. People, consuming silagra must avoid taking any grapes contained stuff such as wine. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking spicy, cheesy oily or heavy meal might cut down the effect or may enhance the risk of some side-effects; thus, one must take precaution for this. This drug is only prescribed for the men to mend a sexual complication; hence, a woman must not dare to use it; since, it may lead to some adverse health effect. One must take the silagra according to the prescribed manner; this is the main step of precautions. Most of the people found taking overdose due to failing of silagra pills. This found to be most dangerous habit in the manner of the drug intake.
Do disclose the doctor, if in case you are suffering from any health disorders like liver, kidney, heart, brain, high blood pressure, etc. since it might lead to some negative effect. If, you are already going through any medication process, then do consult the doctor; since, they decide the sufficient gap, which should be maintained between both the dosages. Consuming two drugs at a time may lead to certain types of side-effects. If, anyone found allergic to sildenafil must avoid consuming the pills. Men, consuming citrates must be careful about silagra intake; since, it has largely resulted side-effects. As impotence believes to be a complicated condition not a disease; hence, a man should not consume it on a daily basis. One must take these pills while feeling an urge of sex.

An occurrence of silagra side-effects

Well, silagra is believed to be a safest medicine, but it’s over and inappropriate intake might enhance the risk of side-effects. However, the side-effects rarely go severe otherwise stay normal. A mild side-effect of every drug is normal. Headache, body pain, eye pain, muscle pain, stomach disorder, blurry vision, etc. found to be a normal side-effect, which gets disappears after sometime. Whereas, chest ache, nasal blockage, strokes, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, etc. found to be severe side-effects, which needs an immediate help of the doctor.

Storage of the pills

One must store the pills away from sunlight and small kids. A room temperature is found a best place, to store the drugs. Keep in a tight container to avoid passing the air inside it. Keep noticing the expiry date of the pills. Do not store an outdated pills dispose it in a safest place.

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