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Injurious effects of extreme smoking and alcohol

Everyone is aware that smoking is injurious to health as it has tobacco and nicotine in it. Actually, tobacco causes severe disease that affects many body organs like brain, lungs and heart. In fact, smoking reduces the span of life to less than 10 years or more than it. It is a bad habit to smoke tobacco which contains high percentage of harmful nicotine in it.

In what way smoking affects the health of an individual?

Smoking affects the health of people in many ways like developing yellow teeth, wrinkles; lose of density in bones which leads to increase of osteoporosis in people. It is a condition which causes aged people to bend over and their boned break easily due to nicotine. Even smokers are less active when compared to non smokers as smoking effects the power of lungs. Actually, nicotine is the most of the active chemical element which had many dangerous effects on your body and its organs. It is risky for lungs, heart diseases and mouth cancer and also causes obstructive pulmonary diseases in them. There is no need to have the habit of smoking as body do not requires it like water, food, exercise and sleep. The chemicals present in cigarettes like cyanide and nicotine are poisonous to health.

Given below are some unsafe effects of it on human body:

• It affects heartbeat and blood levels
Smoking has a lot of effect on heart and blood pressure as it effects on them in a very bad way. The heart beat increases to 30 times when you smoke for 10 minutes. And long hours of smoking increase the level of cholesterol giving the risk of heart attack.
• It effects fertility:
Smoking affects the fertility process and gives chance to sexual problems in both the genders of humankind.
• Gives bad skin
Smoking heavily and regularly blocks the blood vessels and prevents the flow of oxygen and nutrients in required quantity to the skin. This is the main reason why smokers look unhealthy and pale in skin. It even increases psoriasis and skin rashes.
• Leads to bad breath
Smokers have bad breathe known as halitosis and your clothes also smells with smoke odor. It lingers in your hair, clothes car and furniture. This may lead to loss of attraction towards you from passers by and others.
• Increases illness:
It is proves through studies that smokers are more affected to flu, pneumonia, colds, bronchitis etc than non smokers. They suffer with extreme health conditions like asthma which makes the person sicker if they continue it in a more way. They do not get required nutrients and vitamins to have proper health.
• Has more risk of injury and less healing time
Smoking affects the ability to produce collagen in body which leads to damage of ligaments and tendons and gets healed in a slow way in smokers when compared to non smokers.

Destructive effects of alcohol

Consuming a small quantity of red wine can be helpful to health to some extent but having alcohol in large quantities is dangerous with severe side effects. Actually, having too much of alcohol can take you into stupor or coma situation. The ill-effects of alcoholism are feeling dizziness, nausea and hangovers. The drunkards may feel relax and happy for sometime after having alcoholic beverages but it leads to severe health problem later. The happiness may lead to stumbling in movements, head ache and vomiting with other factors.

Here are a few of major side effects that are caused due to more consumption of alcohol.

The first side effect of it is that it affects directly on your central nervous system and then influences to other functions of the body. It is because alcohol gets directly mixed with blood and tries to show negative influence on nervous system with other emotional functions. The other side effect is that, the rise of level of alcohol in bloodstream gives you intolerable pain all through the time.

Use of alcohol causes brain hemorrhage which proves to be dangerous and leads to bursting of capillaries and blood vessels. It reduces the power of immunity and confrontation towards infections, reduces strength, and decreases the level of Hemoglobin. Another dangerous side effect is that it affects the functioning of bone marrow which can cause serious problem in future. Thus, alcohol can weaken your anatomy causing a particular fall in the count of red and white blood corpuscles.

There are few antibiotics that cause side effects when consumed before the intake of alcohol. These antibiotics compete with alcohol for metabolic enzymes and stay in blood for long time and may even have some side effects like vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, stomach pain and headache with its use. Yet it is important to avoid antibiotics if you are about to have alcohol the next moment.

Excess use of alcohol decreases the flow of blood in muscles thereby resulting to fatigue and muscle deterioration which can even weaken your heart muscles that leads to cardiomyopathy. Just having a moderate quantity of alcohol has no negative effects on muscles and bones.

Actually, alcohol has a lot of influence on the body hormones and it makes you susceptible to infections and allergies by decreasing the production of essential hormones in body. Use of it by men causes the growth of estrogen which is a female hormone which can cause female features like decrease in hair on body in men. Taking too much of alcohol for a long time leads to infertility in men and women.

In addition to the mentioned side effects, more consumption of alcohol effects perplexity, dependency, fetal alcohol syndrome, liver cancer, breast cancer, gastritis, hepatitis, lack of concentration, kidney failure etc.

As you can observe, consumption of alcohol has some dangerous effects on health and body. Therefore, there should be self control on drinking as it is good for health and over consumption needs to be avoided as it affects health in a dangerous way.

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