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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order placing Subprogram or procedure at Assertmeds.com?
Click on the Product you desire to possess. Subsequent step, get registered with us by providing your interested information. And then the last and final steps induce the full and final payment of the product you have ordered. This is our order identifying procedure transcription.

What next after order placement?
Once you book order of your product, we’ll send the detailed description of the product to our pharmacy section for farther procedure of freight. Once the order is embarked we’ll apprise you by sending mail about the same.

Are orders traceable?
Certainly, the order you have placed can be trace. Just you have to contact our customer care executor to avail the accurate detailed information about it.

How to invalidate the order?
Invalidation process is valid only if the product placed is cancelled within 24 hours. Since after that the product invalidation will not be consented according to our policy. For this you will have to contact our customer care executor who is availed to help you 24/7.

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