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Running: The Best Work to Get Weight Reduction

Running is a best and simplest way to get in shape. For bulky people, it is the fastest way to get into order. This workout is incredibly effective in making a person fit and healthier in number of ways. Running acts on every body part thereby bringing a person into the best shape possible. There are a number of benefits of running. Some of these include:

Improved Lung Function:
Running tends to increase good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol. Also, it improves functions of the lungs. A person who runs regularly is able to inhale maximum levels of oxygen. As it is known that oxygen is good for fat burning. Running tends to maximize the performance of lungs.

Boosts Immune System:
Running boosts your immune system. With running, cholesterol levels are reduced to manageable levels. This reduces blood viscosity. With reduced blood viscosity and reduced levels of blood clots, the possibility of strokes is considerably reduced. Simply by running, the risks of diseases are reduced. For women, running can help in preventing breast cancer. Also, this exercise is beneficial for reducing risks of heart attacks. People having diabetes are generally recommended to run/ brisk walk for at least half an hour daily.

Weight Reduction
Running is an anytime kill for excess weight. People who over weigh can always go with running. Running is a proven way to kill and burn excess calories. It is a known that on a treadmill, on can easily burn 75-80 calories per 6 minutes at a speed of 9 kph. Running does not require special equipment. It is a simple exercise.
Boosts confidence
Running is a great confidence booster. It is noted that people who run tend to set goals. Setting goals and thereby achieving them acts a great confidence booster. People who run can observe a high boost in confidence. The standard of living tends to improve a lot.

Stress Eliminator
Running is great stress eliminator. People who suffer from insomnia can always go for running. Daily running for at least half an hour can definitely show great results. It is said that running forces extra energy and hormones out of the body thereby reducing tension headaches.

Perfect booster for elimination of depression
Whenever a person is under depression, the best thing is to go out run or have a walk. Explore new things, new place and running is the best way to do so. A goon run in the morning enables a person to have fresh oxygen which is a good depression remover. A person who walk daily in the morning feels livelier than to a person who does not perform running activities.

Add hours to your life
It is said that running for an hour can add up to 7 hours to your life. Running boosts tissue and cell growth. Running lets the growth of newer tissues and body cells thereby increasing life up to 7 hours. In a study published recently, it has been studies that an average person aging 40 years can running up to 6 months which can boot 3 years of life. Running increases aerobic fitness which is a better indicator of an individual’s overall fitness.

Running Methodology
It is the said that the best way to run is to slow down first. Start at a slow pace initially for 5-10 minutes in an hour run. After it is done, running fast for 20 minutes is optimum for weight loss. At the end, a brisk walk for 20 minutes in an hour session makes it all good. It is said that daily run for an hour can lead to considerable weight loss. So, weight reduction aspirants can aim higher and can run for an hour.
Running has always been a better exercise. The simplest one for a person to stay fit and maintained. It has many benefits and cardiovascular benefit is the best out of all.

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