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Swimming: The benefits guide

Swimming is a great workout for body. A swimmer can build endurance, muscle strength and cardio fitness with a proper schedule. Swimming is just the simplest exercise. If you are not swimming you tend to sink. So, swimming can be regarded as a continuous process. It is a continuous exercise that keep you right on the edge till the time this activity is being performed.
There are numerous benefits that are associated with this exercise. The most popular of these benefits are

It is easy: Swimming is an easy exercise. The results are enormous however the impact on the body parts are relatively very low as compared to other strenuous workouts. As a result, it becomes a great activity for injured athletes. Hence, injured athletes can also go for high intensity swimming workout without having much wear and tear on the body parts. It is said that a person can have a hard swimming workout without even bothering to turn up the next day.

Best Cardio Exercise: Swimming is the best cardio exercise. Since swimming is a continuous process, the heart keeps its activity on upgraded level for the duration of exercise. A swimmer can both undergo cardio and strength exercise simultaneously. Swimming has a great impact on all body parts. Therefore, all the body parts are strength tested.

Lung booster: A swimmer tends to inhale more oxygen during the process. Swimming is a continuous workout process for lungs. It is believed that swimmers have strong lungs than an average man/woman. The lung capacity is considerably increased due to this exercise. This makes a good way to have more oxygen with every inhale and more carbon dioxide with every exhale cycle. In other words, swimmers have better tidal volume than others.

Runners can feel the benefits: For every runner, swimming is the best exercise. Swimming improves tidal volume of lung which in turn keeps blood pressure levels low and low heart rate too. This is of benefit during the running workout. A runner who is a good swimmer too can perform running activity for longer with getting exhausted. Therefore, a runner can always cover an extra mile every now and then without getting winded.

Any one exercise: Swimming is an exercise that can be performed by anyone. A person who is recovering from injury, a pregnant woman, a new mom or an old person can do swimming without worrying much. It is an exercise where you are in control. You can always control the pace and intensity with which the exercise is to be done. It is you who knows what to get out of each session.

It checks on the weight: Swimming maintains a check on the weight. It is said that in every 30 minutes of breast stroking a person burns 367 calories. This beats any exercise in the world. More calories burn in addition to scheduled diet plan can work wonders. It is said that a session of swimming half an hour daily in the morning and evening can always work wonders for weight reduction. Therefore, it can be concluded that it a best exercise for weight reduction.

A complete workout: Swimming works on all the parts of the body which otherwise  are not worked during other exercises. During swimming, the muscles behind neck, deltoids and traps come into play. It helps in stabilizing muscles at the core and lower back. This is more useful for women. Hence, Swimming can be termed as a complete workout.

A mood booster and Improves sleep: Swimming boosts mood. It is known that swimmers are less prone to tension, depression confusion. Swimmers are also less prone to anger. Swimming activity tends to release for hormone serotonin which is a feel-good hormone. People who undergo rigorous swimming workout tend to have better sleep. Problems of insomnia are considerably reduced by swimming.

Sweat Free: Swimming is a sweat free exercise as it prevents you from overheating. The water alongside a swimmer keeps on cooling a swimmer constantly. Hence, swimming is considered a sweat free exercise. It is cardiovascular exercise which controls high sugar levels. It also regulates high blood pressure levels. Swimming keeps a check on cholesterol levels. This keep a person disease free.

Swimming is a best exercise that improves social well-being, teaches goal orientation, makes a person smarter. It is an exercise that slows down aging process. This exercise needs minimal gears and it can be performed just by having a swimsuit and goggles. It is the best exercise that has many benefits. So, it’s never too late to start with swimming.

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